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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris


1. A NIC, …, and a hub are needed to create a basic network.
a. repeaters c. modulator
b. socket d. jack

2. The network allows computers to … with each other.
a. commune c. collaborate
b. coordinate d. communicate
3. NIC can be identified easily. It has a special port called ….
a. AJ-45 c. RJ-45
b. RJ-54 d. AJ-54
4. Another term for NIC is ….
a. repeaters c. adapter
b. network adapter d. modem
5. What does ARPA stand for?
a. Advance Research Projects Agency
b. Advance Research Projects Affair
c. Advanced Research Projects Agency
d. Advanced Research Projects Affair
6. Nowadays computer is used for the following purposes, except ….
a. multimedia
b. scientific processing
c. data processing
d. none of the above
7. The most commonly used input device is ….
a. keyboard c. joystick
b. webcam d. mouse
8. A house size computer is … computer.
a. the second generation
b. the first generation
c. the new generation
d. the third generation
9. This is a picture of ….
a. transistor c. vacuum tube
b. VLSI d. IC
10. Information can be stores in a storing device such as ….
a. CD-ROM (optical disk) c. monitor
b. track ball d. printer
11. CPU stands for ….
a. Central Processed Unit
b. Central Processing Unit
c. Center Processing Unit
d. Central Processor Unit
12. In Apple computer, motherboard is
called ....
a. planar board c. logic board
b. baseboard d. system board
13. Companies that produce processor are Intel, IBM, and ….
a. AMD c. ADM
b. NIC d. MAD
14. The Speed of a modem is measured by ….
a. MHz c. GHz
b. kbps d. All false
15. “This method is called wireless.” It means ….
a. with wire c. with cable
b. without cable d. lack of wire

16. The two major software are ….
a. application and system software
b. application and instructional software
b. system software and command
c. application software and processor
17. The term software was first used by … in 1958.
a. John W. Turkey c. John M. Tukey
b. John W. Tukey d. Jack W. Tukey
18. An open source software means it is ….
a. freely modified c. prominent
b. freely used d. freely redistributed by anyone
19. These are types of operating system available to users, except ….
a. Windows c. Mac OS
b. GUIs d. Linux
20. Word processor such as Microsoft Word 2007 and Open Office Writer are examples of ….
a. system software
b. application software
c. office application
d. OS
21. In programming process, the first step is ….
a. compilation c. writing a code
b. debugging d. binary file
22. The physical devices in a computer are ….
a. tools c. software
b. hardware d. none of the above
23. A programmer must compile the source code by using ….
a. compiler c. collector
b. transformer d. bugger
24. Acts of finding and fixing error code in all of the source code is called ….
a. debugging c. bugging
b. compiler d. decoding
25. The following is a programming language from Sun Microsystems.
a. Pascal c. BASIC
b. JAVA d. Borland
26. One of these is not a malware.
a. worm c. Trojan Horse
b. Logic bomb d. Win Vista
27.All of them can be identified by their ….
a. replication c. multiplication
b. identification d. none of the above
28. By its way to infect other file, virus can be divided into … categories.
a. one c. two
b. three d. four
29. The simplest and easiest way in creating virus is by using a tool called ….
a. virus generator c. virus copier
b. virus instructor d. virus emulator
30. … actually spreads through a network or the Internet using email.
a. worm c. Trojan Horse
b. Time Bomb d. Virus
31. Which is an example of a pointing device?
a. joystick c. trackball
b. scanner d. webcam
32. AZERTY keyboard layout is used in ….
a. France c. Belgium
b. both a and b d. All Europe

33. Computer speakers are commonly equipped with a low-power … amplifier.
a. internal c. external
b. visual d. internal & external
34. The trackball was invented by ….
a. Tom Cruise c. Tom Cranston
b. Tom Dooley d. Tom Longstaff
35. Visual Display Unit is another term for ….
a. printer c. scanner
b. monitor d. television
36. Steganography is the art and science of writing … messages.
a. readable c. computer
b. hidden d. picture
37. Another secret coding technique besides steganography is ….
a. cryptonite c. cryptic
b. cryptography d. steganalyst
38. Steganography comes from … language.
a. Greek c. Greece
b. Latin d. French
39. Writing a hidden message can use an … ink.
a. invincible c. invisible
b. inevitable d. indispensable
40. This document can be used as a media in steganography, except ….
a. text file c. picture file
b. mp3 or video file d. none of the above
41. Nazi used a machine called … to encrypt and decrypt the messages.
a. Sigma c. Encarta
b. Enigma d. all false
42. A cryptographer is … who is master in cryptography.
a. Something c. someone
b. anything d. anyone
43. “Graphy” is a Greek word means….
a. spoken c. uttered
b. written d. hidden
44. Cryptography is needed to … a secret document.
a. secure c. save
b. keep d. run
45. A secret text resulting from encryption process is called ….
a. plain text c. code text
b. cyber text d. cipher text
46. This component application allows people connected over the Internet to participate in discussions.
a. Telnet c. IRC
b. FTP d. EDI
47. This website is owned by a nonprofit institution.
a. www.cars.com c. www.carmagazine.co.uk
b. www.car.org d. www.carzone.ie
48. This website is a government agency.
a. ocw.mit.edu b. www.language-learning.net
c. training.fema.gov d. www.carecourses.com
49. The Netiquette number 4 states that “You shall not use a computer to ….”
a. steal c. break
b. hack d. deal
50. Recreational newsgroups start with ….
a. alt c. soc
b. rec d. sci

51. The conventional mail is called ….
a. email c. snail mail
b. snake mail d. blackmail
52. An email message made up of ….
a. server c. message body
b. header d. signature
53. Commercial offers sent to our email without our request is called ….
a. phishing c. worm
b. spam d. bomb
54. In message header, “To” is for the ….
a. recipient’s address c. topic
b. sender’s address d. time
55. It uses e-mail to duplicate themselves into vulnerable computers.
a. email bomb c. spam
b. phishing d. email worm

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